Click on the categories below to find engaging activities to do around weekly schedules and planning. Learn, create and discover through digital workshops, learning materials, virtual excursions and more.


Arts and Crafts

Discover arts and crafts activities including colouring in sheets, object making and drawing tutorials. Explore the collections of art galleries and museums.


Education and Learning

Find educational resources and learn through reading and writing activities as well as online courses.



Health and Wellbeing

Find out how to focus on your health and wellbeing through exercise, recipes and nutrition. 



Music and Performance

Learn about dance, music and productions. Watch performances, learn about acting skills and enrol in online classes.


Nature and Environment

See different environments and the animals and plants that live within them. Watch live streams, and discover informative facts.


Science and History

Learn about science, technology, engineering, mathematics and history through a variety of helpful and interactive activities.

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Youth Leadership

Find out about opportunities to participate in youth leadership initiatives.