A simple and effective exercise guide

This video is all about education and the Key fundamentals of training.

In this video you will learn the key components of a exercise program, Warm up, movement and cool down.

It's important that you understand how to train correctly with proper technique before you increase the volume and frequency of your exercise routine.

Lachlan Hollis

Bachelor or Applied fitness (3 years @ Aus College Physical Education)
Cert 3 + 4 in fitness

Elite athlete and current AUS POLO Olympic squad member.
World championship athlete 2017
Ian Thorpe most outstanding award 2017
Cancer survivor (5 years in remission) 2020

"Post Cancer, I have put all my energy into building a wellness company to help educate those around me. Now I help train and coach people so they can become their best and live a healthy, well balanced, holistic lifestyle. I have been through some very tough times and situations. I have overcome several major obstacles and learnt many lessons from those experiences which has taught me the fundamentals of life. I love helping others and have a passion for movement and functional movement. Seeing our H.FIT members smash their personal goals is why I love coaching." Lachlan Hollis.