Your COVID-19 questions, answered by Dr Kerry Chant

Grace Rowe interviewed NSW Health Office, Dr Kerry Chant on Friday 17 November 2020. In this update Dr Kerry Chant gives advice to young people on how they can safely navigate activities throughout the summer months to stay COVID Safe.

In this video, Grace asked Dr Chant questions that were put forward by children and young people in NSW about socialising, protecting vulnerable family members, testing and a COVID-19 vaccine.

Below is a list of the questions Dr Chant answered:

1. What are the most important things young people need to remember to stay COVID-safe?

2. Why is it recommended to plan friends and family catchups outdoors?

3. Will we be able to celebrate New Year’s and other important events with our family and friends this year?

4. Many young people are worried about their grandparents and elderly family members getting COVID-19. With the festive season approaching what is your advice to keep our most vulnerable family members safe?

5. We know that there was a big focus on testing at the beginning of this pandemic, especially when the number of confirmed cases was higher.

6. Why do you keep asking people to get tested or re-tested when the number of cases is so low in NSW?

7. Gyms and restaurants have been linked to recent COVID cases. How can we keep going to the gym or our favourite café and be COVID safe?

8. Do you think that this is something we can all look forward to in 2021?

9. How close are we to finding a vaccine for COVID-19 and will it be available to everyone?

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